How To Backup APKs in Xiaomi TV (小米电视)

18 January 2018 

Xiaomi TV is a very popular Chinese made TV.  It is one of the cheapest TV that is packed with lots of Chinese serials and Television programs.   One of the problems with Xiaomi TV is the lack of  technical support in English and also,  it does not support Youtube and other Google services unless one is prepared to root the device and void the warranty.   Therefore, backing up all the APKs to external devices becomes a challenge in an unrooted TV.   This article will deal with one method where one can back up all the APKs to the local drive or network or cloud  drives such as google drive,  dropbox etc without rooting the TV.  

What’s Required?

1.  esexplorer APK for Andriod TV (download link)

2.  USB mouse
3.  USB thumb drive

It is assumed that the Xiaomi TV is already connected to a Network and a computer pr PC is available to download the APKs to a thumb drive for the APK to be installed to the TV.


a)  Open Google Drive,  select APK and save it to internal storage

      1. Download  esexplorer APK to a USB stick and install the APK 

      2.  Start up esexplorer from the TV's Apps store and navigate to this home screen

3.  Find the Network Menu on the left panel and click the “Cloud” to reveal the following screen

  1. Select "Gdrive" and the following familiar screen will appear to prompt for google username and password
  1. Proceed back to the "Home screen" and click App to show all the Apps stored in the TV;  then  click and hold the icon until a tick appears.   To select all icons,  click the Select All button at the top right hand corner.  After that, click Backup at the bottom to save the APKs to the internal storage。

 b)      Transfer APKs from internal storage to Google Drive

1)  Click the “Local” on the left hand menu to bring up the following local screen.  and then click “backups” folder to show all the backed up APKs in the internal storage。

  1. Select one or all the APKs and click “more” at the bottom right hand corner to bring up the side manual as shown

  1. Click “Move to” and the following screen will appear

  1. Click “/storage/emulated/0” and after that,  select “Gdrive” and the appropriate folder to move all the APKs to the Google Drive as shown.